The Jewel of the Senior Warden is the Level...symbolizing that all Masons meet on the level, without regard to social, political or religious beliefs or status.

The obligations of the Senior Warden are:
The Senior Warden is second in command within the Lodge Officers. He shall serve as Master when the Master is absent.
Should be knowledgeable on how to open, close, and confer all degrees with assistance and aid from other experienced lodge officers
Learn the business of the Lodge and have a knowledge of all committee work, and candidates in process, and coming events.
Help secure instructions for the candidates.
Have knowledge of the finances of the Lodge.
Have knowledge of the etiquette and rules, which relate to proper discussions, Lodge procedure, Lodge jurisdictions, Masonic conduct, authority of the Master, etc.
Observe the various Brethren who would best fulfill the duties of a line officer, as next year he must appoint new officers.
Testing of suitable proficiency for degree work and reporting it to the lodge.
Call the Worshipful Master as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a regular or special communication or lodge function in which your attendance is expected.

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